Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lost in Orbit: Teaser

Here is the teaser for chapter 32 - This Bottle is My Escape:

I decided that I would do a couple of laps around the park, let the dog have a run around, and then go back home. But as I rounded the corner into the park, my eyes landed on the row of benches along one side, or more precisely, the person that was sprawled across one of them.

I was suddenly reminded of the Family Guy episode where Chris and a friend found a dead body and started poking it with a stick. In no way was I saying this dude was dead, nor was I about to start poking him, but I still wanted to get a closer look. But as I did so, I started to realise that he looked a hell of a lot like… holyshit.

I let go of the dog lead and sprinted towards the benches. "Jasper?" I exclaimed as soon as I was near enough. I crouched down beside him and shook him softly. The panic settled in pretty quickly when he still didn't respond.
It's written from Emmett's POV.

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