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Built on a Lie
Summary: Angela Weber held a secret that she couldn't share with anyone. What happens when that secret lands her in the middle of the forest with the truth about the Cullens' real identities fresh on her mind? Three years later, Angela has moved away from Forks and barely thinks about the Cullens. That is until a familiar face appears back in her life, turning it upside down once again.

Links: FFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: Angela/Jasper  Genre: AU  Rating: T | R

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Fraternizing is Forbidden

Summary: As punishment for her bad behaviour, Alice Cullen is sent to boarding school in England. For her to get back home, she knows she has to be expelled, and will do anything to get what she wants. But what happens when she realises she wants to stay? Will it be too late to turn things around?

Links: FFnet  Pairing: Alice/Jasper  Genre: AH  Rating: T | R

Lost in Orbit

Summary: Alice Brandon and Robbie Grayson have known each other all their lives. They have been through absolutely everything together, and nothing can come between them. That is until Jasper Whitlock arrives. Robbie hates Jasper. Alice wants to help him. When an accident occurs that is out of all their control, there is only one person who truly understands what Alice is going through. She soon finds that they have something devastating in common. While some friendships are all but lost, their friendship grows on the common ground that they share.

Links: FFnet  Pairing: Alice/Jasper  Genre: AH  Rating: M | R

Lost in Orbit: Side Orders

Summary: A place where you can find missing moments, memories and chapters I couldn't fit into my main story, Lost in Orbit.

Link: FFnet  Pairing: Alice/Jasper  Genre: AH  Rating: T




Summary: Alice is gone, killed by Victoria in an attack of bitter vengeance. When justice is served and Victoria is nothing but ash, Jasper sees no other reason to continue existing. Like Edward, he seeks out the Volturi’s help. Like Edward, they refuse. Knowing his only other option is to reveal himself, the Volturi finally concede. But they have one condition. After he nearly attacked her on Bella’s eighteenth birthday, the Volturi know Angela Weber had seen too much. For them to grant him his last wish, Jasper has to bring her to Volterra. She is the key. She is his collateral. Alternate take of Built on a Lie - Chapter 21.

LinksFFnet Pairing: Jasper/Angela Genre: AU Rating: K

Employee of the Month? I Don't Think So!

Summary: Emmett decides to get a job. Jasper bets he won't last one day. But what will be the outcome of this little bet? One-Shot.

Link: FFnet  Pairing: N/A  Main Character: Emmett  Genre: Post-Eclipse  Rating: K+

Felt Like Yesterday

Summary: Jasper spends an evening with his one year old daughter, Amelia, and reminisces about his life with Alice. One-Shot.

Links: FFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: Alice/Jasper  Genre: AH  Rating: T | R

Forged in War - Saved by Love

Summary: This is Peter's POV from when he met Charlotte up until when Jasper leave them where he finds Alice. One-Shot.

Link: Twilighted  Pairing: Charlotte/Peter  Genre: Pre-Twilight  Rating: R
Mi Mayor

Summary: After a long day of training, Maria wants to reward Jasper. But who is in command? Who is dominating who? One-Shot.

Link: Twilighted  Pairing: Jasper/Maria  Genre: Pre-Twilight  Rating: NC-17

My Best Friend, Rosalie

Summary: The Kings were exactly what she thought she wanted, but I knew my best friend more than what she knew herself sometimes. She may have thought Royce was her fairytale prince, but I knew, deep down, she wanted something more, someone who would love her as my William loved me. Vera's thoughts on the last night she saw her best friend, Rosalie Hale. One-Shot.

Links: FFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: N/A  Main Characters: Vera/Rosalie  Genre: Pre-Twilight  Rating: K | G

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One Month

Summary: She was dying, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. An outtake from Lost in Orbit. JasperxMaria.

LinkFFnet  Pairing: Jasper/Maria  Genre: AH  Rating: T

Our Boy 

Summary: A missing moment where Esme comes in contact with Jasper's scent for the first time in two years. An outtake from Built on a Lie.

Link: Blog  Pairing: Carlisle/Esme  Genre: AU  Rated: K

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Summary: He's lost, alone, and has no direction. His life has turned into a dark, endless tunnel. The same darkness that enveloped him the day she was ripped from his world. Without Alice, he feels he is left with nothing to live for; he has no reason to even try. Then, at the end of the tunnel, a small flame ignites. Hope. But for Jasper Whitlock, there is one thing he must experience first. One-Shot.

LinksFFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: Alice/Jasper  Genre: AH  Rating: K | PG-13

Safe Haven

Summary: Alice is completely alone. She doesn’t know that there are other vampires out there, and so she doesn’t look. But what happens when she meets a group of vampires that really can’t be trusted? What about a human family that is far too fragile to form attachments with? She hadn’t anticipated in meeting any of them. So who would she choose? Who would she side with? And what will she do when she realises, what you can’t have, you can’t resist?

LinksFFnet Twilighted  Pairing: Alice/Jasper  Genre: AU  Rating: T | R

The Master and His Soldier

Summary: A small one shot from the POV of Charlotte as Peter tells her to run. One-Shot.

Link: Twilighted  Pairing: Charlotte/Peter  Genre: Pre-Twilight  Rating: G

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The Stories Within Their Eyes

Summary: She realises, as she continues to survey, that he does not belong here. That he is lost, still searching for his place in the world, for the place that he can truly shine. For his light here is so faint, so undiscovered. Nobody notices the dreams he holds, the intelligence he possesses. Yet she does. An outside POV taken from the time Carlisle spent with the Volturi. One-Shot.
Links: FFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: N/A  Main Character: Carlisle  Genre: Pre-Twilight  Rating: K | G

To Love Thy Sun

Summary: Another one shot that looks into the lives of Peter and Charlotte. This is Peter’s POV of when Jasper brought Alice to meet them for the first time. One-Shot.

Link: Twilighted  Pairing: Charlotte/Peter  Genre: Pre-Twilight  Rating: G

Valentine Misfortune

Summary: Angela Weber finally gets to go on a date - on Valentine's Day - with the one she's had a crush on for years, Jasper Whitlock. She thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world. But as the date progresses, she soon realises she's quite the opposite. One-Shot.

Link: FFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: Angela/Jasper  Genre: AH  Rating: K | PG-13
You Can Keep Your Lab Coat On

Summary: Carlisle is arrested for indecent exposure in the hospital parking lot. But who is to blame? Esme, of course! A one shot that looks at the naughtier side of Carlisle Cullen. One-Shot.

Links: FFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: Carlisle/Esme  Genre: Post-Eclipse  Rating: M | NC-17

 You Want to Bet on That?

Summary: Jasper bets that Emmett can't go a full hour without laughing. Emmett never backs away from a bet. Jasper never loses them. One-Shot.

Links: FFnet | Twilighted  Pairing: N/A  Main Characters: Emmett/Jasper Genre: Post-Eclipse  Rating: K | PG-13

The Walking Dead

What Darkness Erases

Summary: Daryl prefers the darkness, even when it unsettles him. Set directly after 3x02. One-Shot.

LinkFFnet  Pairing: Daryl Dixon/Carol Peletier  Rating: T

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What Darkness Erases

Summary: Daryl Dixon doesn't regret...except when it's about her. One-Shot.

LinkFFnet  Pairing: Daryl Dixon/Carol Peletier  Rating: T