Friday, 18 June 2010

Fraternizing is Forbidden: Teaser

Okay, a totally different story now, but I will give out a teaser for this too. It isn't much of a teaser, but it's all I have, sorry.

“I’m actually visiting my mum, as my lessons were cancelled today. Also, I haven’t seen her in like a fortnight, and to answer your other question, no, I’m not here often. However, I try to be, even if it is merely just to admire the view.”

I smirked at her, turning the charm onto full notch. I briefly wondered whether she realised that I was referring to her, when her pouty lips parted ever so slightly. However, she seemed to recover, as a sexy, confident smirk played across her lips. To say that smirk alone wasn’t a turn on, would be a lie, and a big one at that.

“Admire the view, huh?” she murmured rather seductively, whether intentionally or not, that was how I interpreted it. “Seen anything you like?”

Oh, she knows I’m talking about her alright, I thought to myself as I allowed my eyes to do all the talking for me.

“The view’s looking pretty good from where I’m standing,” I whispered. She was stunned, or at least I think she was. I wanted to badly to lean forward and kiss her. I doubted she would protest with the way she was staring at me.


  1. Paula, Paula, how are you going to just leave it at that!!!

  2. I apologise again, sorry! I wrote more of the chapter today, so hopefully I'll have the chapter finished soon :)