Saturday, 21 July 2012

Our Boy - Built on a Lie Outtake

Our Boy

I left Carlisle with the rude landlord and made my way towards Angela's apartment. I'd luckily managed to swindle the keys before he'd started to be uncooperative. Two flights up and I could still hear my patient husband trying to convince him we were relatives of Angela who were here to empty her apartment while she was unable to do so herself.

Once I reached her door, I stopped listening and slid the key into the lock. I was inside maybe a second when it hit me. Jasper's scent was everywhere.

Leaving the door open, I moved to the centre of the room. I shut my eyes and breathed in. Even before I'd taken a full breath I was shaking with unshed tears. He had been here, not a month before. It had been so long since I last caught his scent this fresh that it left me utterly powerless to regain control before Carlisle joined me.

“Esme?” He was partway through asking me what happened when I saw recognition flicker across his face.

“I miss him so much,” I said, my voice trembling the same way my body was.

“I know, I miss him, too,” he said softly and pulled me into a soothing embrace. “Our boy will come home, we just have to wait.”

I nodded and closed my eyes once again. Jasper said he would come home eventually, I simply had to be patient.

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