Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Built on a Lie Teaser

Jasper POV

The fire burned for two days straight.

I stood and watched, knowing as the flames gradually died down, my reason to…exist died with it. Alice had always been my reason. When she was taken away, revenge replaced it. Revenge held me together, barely. But now, the revenge was gone…there really was nothing left.

Once I’d scattered the ashes into the ground, I wandered away, my eyes blind to direction, my feet leading me into the unknown.

I was among the trees when my legs finally gave way. Animals scattered as I fell to my knees, the barrier within me breaking and sending out wave after wave of pure, agonizing emotions.

The hole Alice left was gaping and never ending, but the space where revenge once sat seemed to be growing at a speed which rivalled it. I could feel what was replacing it, tearing through me and filling me to the brim. There was nothing standing in its way…the unadulterated agony was everywhere.

I wanted it to tear me apart, to do to me what I did to Victoria. Please…please end this pain.

When nothing happened, I closed my eyes.



It was everywhere. Suffocating and endless. With it came solitude and isolation, leaving me here alone, a broken man. The memories that found me did not bring peace like they had done before. They plagued me, leaving a bitter and terrible taste in the back of my throat.

What now? I asked. What path do I take?

I had nothing but the memories. The vividness of them hurt. I could still see her face and hear her voice. The only thing missing was her touch and the warmth of her fingertips as she explored my body.

There was only one way I could get that back.


A second teaser and a song are below the cut.

Her head lolled when I lifted her into my arms, revealing the pale curve of her neck. I felt the monster raise its head, pulling me in, just as her scent had when I first arrived. But this time it was different. She was in my arms – all I had to do was lower myself to her neck and sink my teeth into the soft flesh.

It would be easy, like a hand cutting through water.

I knew I could do it. There was nothing physically stopping me. She was alone here. Two, maybe three people would notice her absence enough to report her missing, but they’d never find her, I would make sure of that. I could do it. I could end her loneliness and mine…

Keep her alive…if you can.

The words came out of nowhere, but they were enough to knock the monster back into its cage.


Ever since I started writing Built on a Lie, I've had this song in my head. At first, I thought it was Jasper's song. But it fits for the both of them. Hopefully that will come across. You'll recognise the lyrics in the banner at the top.

I'm really sorry for the wait.

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