Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A teaser for you...

Jasper POV

July 2008

“This isn’t going to work,” I said curtly, distancing myself from Maria. I didn’t want her help; I wasn’t even sure why I was here. I knew her territory well; that hadn’t changed much in the years since I left, which meant I hadn’t been oblivious to the fact I’d run into her.

She followed me. “You’re forgetting how many battles I’ve won from my strategies alone, Mi Mayor.”

I ignored the use of my old title and kept moving. Even after all this time, being stationary still felt as though I was falling apart at the seams. Moving, pushing forward, it was the only thing keeping me going, that, and my thirst for revenge.

“I’ve track her for nearly two years. What makes you think adding more people into the equation will even put me at an advantage?”

“Because she knew you were tracking her.” Maria’s persistence pressed into me; that, too, hadn’t changed, either. “We know she is in the area, so we task my newborns to find her, but we don’t tell them who they are after.

I laughed once, hollow and humourless. “You underestimate her.”

“No, I have confidence that her ability will tell her exactly what we want it to.”

“So now you’re banking this on her growing complacent?” With a sharp shake of my head, I contemplated sprinting from the area. Maria wouldn’t follow me, not if I kept going. Victoria’s scent was everywhere, in everything I touched. I couldn’t lose it, and the fact Maria wanted me to stop tracking her to set this plan into motion…

“This isn’t going to work!”
“Not if you don’t focus on something other than how much you want to kill her,” she shot back, keeping her tone in check. Within seconds of Maria finishing, I’d rounded on her, towering by at least a foot.

“Look at me!” I snarled, my clenched hands trembling. “How do you expect me to do that when it’s all I have left?”
She stared at me, calm and impassive. “You will find a way if you want to end this.”

Two years has passed since Jasper left the Cullens, and Maria's making an appearance! I can't promise you when the chapter will be out - there is a lot to cover, so I just have to hope you enjoy the teaser.

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