Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Fandom Against Famine OS

Collateral; something given to secure a loan or other obligation. Acceptable as a guarantee of performance.

One-shots for the compilation are due in on the 9th, and now that I'm very nearly finished, I thought I'd post the banner as a small teaser for what's to come. Collateral will be in two three parts, and takes an alternate route from chapter 18 of Built on a Lie.

The first part will be submitted to the Fandom Against Famine compilation, then once we're allowed to post the stories, both parts will be available.

On a side note, I really want to say thank you to idealskeptic. Girl, you are amazing. You were the one who made it possible for me to write this, and not just leave the ideas floating around my mind. Not only that, you helped me out with the plot, you pre-read and beta'd...and finally, you helped choose the banner. Our little fic team is strong!

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