Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hopeless Romantic Awards - I Won Something?!

I'm going to be shameless and show off that a few days ago, I won two golden apples! *dances*  

Over the past month, the Hopeless Romantic Awards have been taking in nominations, and while I was nominated for a couple of their awards, I didn't expect anything, given the amazing stories/banners I was up against. But...I was proved wrong, and I'm happy to say it was for the two things I find most important in the Twilight Fandom - Jasper/Alice and banners.

The best part is I get to share them with two of the loveliest people I've met through reading and writing fanfiction - Best Banner with Nic's story (idealskeptic), and Take My Hand by koko23cat came up top for Best Jasper and Alice (as well as the other 13 awards! - should I demand another speech?) Love you two!

Now, who wants to check out my the apples? *muffles laughter*

Thank you to those of you who voted for me! *kisses*

Some other good news is my story Built on a Lie was nominated for the The Peanut Butter & Bananas Award (Most Unusual Pairing) in the Tomato Soup Awards by the lovely Kats Flower Girls. I think voting starts around the start of September, as they're still taking in nominations at the moment. Who is ready for the next round??


  1. Congrats bb! *tackle hugs* You SO deserve it <3

  2. Thank you :) Should I congratulate you on winning the drabble contest on TFP? Still can't get over that..gosh, I'm awful, lol. But being serious for a moment, it was a good drabble, very cute xx

  3. just gorgeous stuff hun... love all your work! i found you from the single shot awards site ran by dontcallmeleelee.... and so glad i did!

  4. Thank you :)

    If you ever need anything, just ask!