Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Lost in Orbit: Teaser

Here is the teaser to chapter 34 - Meet the McCarty's. I am posting this teaser earlier, as I'll forget to post it otherwise.
"Maybe its best that I didn't meet him then," I joked. "One of you is enough."

I expected him to laugh, or grin even. But I didn't even manage to get the corners of his mouth to turn up.

"You have met him before," he said after a long moment of silence.

"What? When?" I asked as my brow furrowed in confusion. I couldn't remember ever meeting him, and I think I would remember meeting someone like that.

His expression was hesitant as he began. "It was a couple of weeks ago when I… found you in the park. He was the one I called to help get you home."

I tensed at the first mention of that day. My heart started beating faster, and my hands went cold and clammy like every time I thought about Emmett talking to me about it. Except this time, there was no escaping.

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