Friday, 25 June 2010

Lost in Orbit: Teaser

Another post, and another teaser. You'll be seeing a lot of these, though. This is taken from chapter 25 - Even Together, We Stand Apart. I actually got the title to chapter from my friend's status on msn. I remember seeing it and thinking it would be a perfect title for this chapter.

Here is the teaser:

I could only assume from the way she kept shuffling awkwardly on the bed beside me, that she didn’t know how to say what was on her mind. It must have been something big for her to act like this with me.

"Jasper seems to be around a lot," she began. There was a tone in her voice that I didn't understand. It was almost judgemental, but what she was judging, I wasn't completely sure.

"Yeah he is," I replied in a cautious tone. I didn't know where she was going with this.

"What kind of things do you talk about?"


"Everything?" she asked. Her voice rose slightly, and her eyes widened as she stared at me.

"Yes," I insisted. "Everything."

"But…" She seemed to lose her voice as her brow furrowed and she looked down at her lap.
It's short, but I'm going to be updating again soon(ish) anyway.


  1. :D like tomorrow, yay! jk. is this Bella?

  2. Like in a couple of days? I'm thinking like Monday maybe.

    Yeah, it's Bella she's talking to :)

  3. <.< I guess Monday is fine