Monday, 15 August 2011

Take My Hand - Anyone Would Think I'm Obsessed...

And they'd be right, too.

I started reading koko23cat's story in October of last year - the 18th, to be more precise, and I was completely hooked by the end of the first chapter. My review was full of questions and shoutycaps, and I'm pretty sure my reviews would be exactly the same now. It took me two months to crack and ditch Twilighted and move onto - would it be cliche to say it was the best decision I could have made? *laughs*

I can't remember how we got onto the topic of me becoming one of her pre-readers, but I recall wondering whether or not I should accept. At one stage, I even think I was going to say no because the main reason I wanted to do so was because I was greedy and wanted to find out what happened next ;)

You know what? Screw saying no, it was another well made decision.

This story has opened my eyes to some very important issues that I haven't seen any other FF story do. One of the best things about Take My Hand is that it is realistic. Not only that, but there is an amazing person behind the writing and I'm proud to call her my friend.

And because a little rec like this wouldn't be complete without a picture or two, here are the latest banners I've made for the story. I say latest, as I've made at least six...I did say I was obsessed, right?

I'll leave you now with the prologue, hoping that it'll pull you into the story as much as it did for me...

"Jasper? Can you hear me?"

"Jasper? Open your eyes for me...Come on, Jay."

Edward, I think. Why is he talking to me? Shit, I remember.

My eyes flutter and the light sends daggers to my throbbing brain. The voice comes again.

"Jasper, Rose is outside; do you want me to get her?"


My voice is raspy. I barely recognise it and I realise my mistake thirty seconds too late.

Edward speaks again and my eyes finally settle open. "Jasper? Shall I get Rose?"

"No!" My voice is panicked now I've found it, and despite the mind numbing pain shooting through me, I make a frantic attempt to grab his arm.

"Easy, Jasper. It's okay. It's late; I'll tell her to come back in the morning, okay?"

His voice is soothing, and exhausted, I believe him and allow the fog to pull me back under. I slip into oblivion again as the door clicks shut behind him.


koko23cat's blog:

One final thing - because I can. Take My Hand readers, I've seen what's coming...and all I can say is the story keeps getting better and better with every chapter.


  1. Wow!! Paula these banners for 'Take My Hand' are amazing!! Just breath-taking! I'm reading the story, too... Koko's knocking it out of the ballpark! Terrific story!

  2. Thank you :)

    She really is, amazing story! <3