Friday, 18 June 2010

Lost in Orbit: Music Inspiration

Chapter 16, Robbie's funeral. This one was a hard one to write. It took me months to get it right, seriously. My beta, Juniper294, played a large part in that, so she deserves some applause :D

I don't generally listen to Kelly Clarkson, in fact, I rarely listen to her. But I do have her album on my computer, and so while I was looking for sad songs to get me in the right 'mood', I found these two on her album 'All I Ever Wanted'.

The lyrics don't necessary fit in with what happens in the chapter. But because they are sad songs, they got me into the right frame of mind, and whilst I sat there crying my eyes out (no jokes) I pretty much wrote the whole of the middle section of chapter 16.

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