Monday, 28 June 2010

Fraternizing is Forbidden: New Banner

I'm in the mood to make posts on my blog, clearly. Here is a new banner I made for FiF last night. As usual, I got bored, and decided to make a new banner. My other one for FiF was bad, so it was time to update it. I made Jasper blond *laughs* I mean, I made Jackson blond. It was a still from the film 'Dread' (you should totally watch that film, seen it so many times now) and his hair was black in it! Which is why his hair is blond, but black in parts. I don't know, it is hard changing hair colour!


  1. I love Dread, a good movie :)

  2. Very good movie. The first time I watched the ending, I was in shock! But LOVED it.

  3. same here. oh love the banner also :)